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   No one saw him.  No one heard him.  And, most unusual, no one smelled him.  “Him” was a fox, the most horrific creature known to the animals on Farmer Fred’s farm. Everyone knew it: the fox…ate…other animals.  He especially liked chickens.  Farmer Fred’s chicken coop was no different from any other.  It was fox heaven.  The only thing worse for a chicken than a hungry fox on the loose was a truck pulling into the barnyard with the letters “KFC” on the side.

This morning, a grayish, chilly morning on the farm, seemed a bit unsettling for some reason. A fox could do that to a morning on a farm…make it unsettling.  By this time of day the fox should have been well back into the woods that ran alongside the corn field.  It was rare that one would be wandering about in the open space of the barnyard after sunup.  He must have been very hungry.  In fact, his empty stomach was growling and that’s what finally alerted everyone to his presence.   That’s all that was needed, just one little fox stomach growl, and the chickens went crazy.  They clucked and fluttered all about the chicken coop, banging into each other, banging into the ceiling, banging into the walls and spewing hay and other debris everywhere.

EXCERPT 3 - Chapter 12

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