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“Do you know what a slaughter house is?” the duck asked the pig.

“No, not really,” the pig answered.  “Is that where the Slaughter family lives?”

Now the duck was about to pop a few feathers.

“No, dummy!  It’s a house where they kill animals so humans can eat them.  And, guess what kind of animals wind up in the slaughter house?”

“What kind?”

“P-I-G-S!” the duck spelled out letter by letter.  “Especially F-A-T pigs.  In fact, when it comes to pigs, the fatter the better.  The first stop for them is the State Fair where the heaviest ones get blue ribbons and all kinds of cheers and applause.”

“Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun,” the pig said, grunting.  “Do you think I’m fat enough to win a blue ribbon?”

“Absolutely,” said the duck, “but then you know what happens after you win the blue ribbon?”

“Cheers and applause?”

“Yep…and then?”

“Oh, now I think I know where you’re going with this,” the pig finally acknowledged.  “Then, I’d go to the slaughter house and become bacon on some human’s breakfast plate.”

“Yep,” confirmed the duck.  “Now do you get the big fat picture?”

EXCERPT 2 - Chapter 10

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