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EXCERPT 1 - Chapter 2

About A Lollipop

     The ants formed a long, slowly swirling line of hundreds of marching legs, one behind the other, making its way across the patch of dirt just in front of the barn door.  As the brigade traveled, it maneuvered around, up over and tunneled under one obstacle after another. What appeared to most of the farm animals as normal droppings, or clumps of dirt, or half-chewed wads of grass and weed, presented an altogether different picture to the ants.  To them, their road trips were challenging treks across a barnyard terrain obstructed by mounds of goo, jagged walls of coagulated waste and mountainous piles of gloppy garbage.  It was never an easy march for the ants.  Even though they far outnumbered all the other animals on the farm, they still represented just about the smallest creatures in the neighborhood.

     Their mission had awakened them extra early this morning.  Just before sundown the night before, two scouts had reported back to headquarters that Linda Lou, Farmer Fred’s young granddaughter, was visiting for the weekend.  Grandma Emily, they knew, would be smothering Linda Lou with all kinds of delectable treats, like chewy candy, drippy popsicles and homemade chocolate chip cookies—ohhhh, the cookies were the best!