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Farmer Fred and his wife Emily awaken early each day to tend to the chores on their small, family-owned farm.   Each day unfolds with the usual routines, along with one or two occurrences that are, well, not so usual.  But, no need to worry; the animals in the barnyard will get you through it all.  Examples…

      The cow, according to the goose, needs more steam for herself.  But it’s the duck         who really understands that the cow is suffering from poor self-esteem.

The farmer, meanwhile, is laid up with a slipped disc.  His friends, however, have his  back—friends he doesn’t even know.  “It’s all good,” says the duck.  

The fox gets his hen, but not without leaving the animals lots of laughs despite their loss of a good friend.

  ABOUT a FARM will leave you as warm and fuzzy as most of the animals in the barnyard.  

  True, it’s all about a farm, but really, it’s about anybody…anywhere.