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DEAD LETTER  -  Young love, misguided jealousy, a world war and a lost letter that delivers a shocking ending 40 years later.

THE POPE’S STONE  -  Two descendants of a Virginia family, living  a century apart, share uncanny similarities in their lives, including unexpected tragedy. Why?  Is it the Pope’s Stone?

ABOUT A FARM -  A children’s books offering lessons in life, awarded the 2013 Best Chapter Book by the Children’s Literacy Classic International Book Awards.  Meanwhile, there is a new ABOUT A FARM LESSON GUIDE is a new teacher’s supplement to the book for classroom use.

NEVER GOOSE A MOOSE…and a bunch of others things you should never do!  -  A collection of whimsical verse featuring a list of “never-do’s” that children should beware of.

THE 11th YEAR OF CHRISTOPHER ARTHUR McDANIELS - Christopher’s life of calamity will pull you in, tug your heart and have you cheering him on as he attempts top reach his 12th  year with as few bruises and as little time grounded in his room as possible